Temporary cover (96 hours)

Private motor vehicle

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From field 7 e.g. 1R or "restricted car"

Vehicle details

Does the vehicle have a professionally fitted security immobiliser that meets the requirements of Standard AS/NZS 4601, or an immobiliser NZSA rated 3 Star or better?
(e.g. but not limited to; Spoiler and/or bodykit, stereo, extractors, modified cam shaft, engine, air intake or exhaust, bullbars, alloy wheels, GPS, DVD, or suspension)
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
("private" if not applicable)
(leave empty if private sale)
The vehicle described above is held covered for the purchase price subject to the terms and conditions of AMI's Comprehenasive Vehicle Insurance.
The temporary cover begins at the time of purchase and expires 96 hours later or when an application for cover has been accepted or declined by AMI, whichever event happens first. The insured acknowledges their obligation to contact a AMI representative to make formal application for cover as soon as possible, and in any case, within the 96 hours.
You also acknowledge that a representative from AMI Insurance may attempt to contact you using the information supplied to quote an annual insurance policy. There is no obligation to accept the quoted policy.
The insured acknowledges that, should a claim be necessary within the 96 hours (or prior to a formal application being accepted), then consideration of any claim will be subject to:
1. Confirmation by AMI (at its sole discretion and after consideration of a full application), that the risk would have been accepted, had a full application been made at the time the temporary insurance was put in place;
2. The annual premium and policy excess being paid in full to AMI;
3. AMI’s normal policies and procedures for claims.